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Hi everyone,

I've posted a 'hi' message in the hello section. I was talking to Joey via email about the book I am making on the Fiat Coupe. I started the research for this in 2008, but stopped for a few years. As it was the 25th Anniversary, and thanks to lockdown, I managed to get it going again.

The book is being made from images of coupes sent to me by owners from all over the world (I know some of you have sent me images to include which is great). The words for the book were written by Chris Bangle, and he did them for me especially for this project - I was in touch with him by email :-)

The book layout is nearly complete, and will be a large, luxury book with high quality paper. It will be a great coffee table feature and keepsake. I am aiming for the price to be around £50 / 55 Euros plus postage anywhere. I have 130 people who have left their details already, to buy when ready, and want to let as many club members know as possible. I have permission to post a link here so if you are interested you can add your details to the list. The info is here (this is my own website so is safe) - - if you wish to leave your details I will email when the book is ready (predicted July/August).

Any questions please let me know - reaction so far has been great and I look forward to sending it out!


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Hi Mark, Great to see someone is working on a book about the Coupe looking forwards to my print smile

Maybe you can post a preview of the book once its done?

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Hello Mark , we already had contact , i think it is an great idea , can't wait to see the result.

Cheers Rene'


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